Monday, June 2, 2014

A Very Vintage Wedding

Tying the knot in vintage style is easier than you think!

Working with brides and grooms brings me such joy! Each couple who walks into my shop has an amazing love story, and they come to my shop looking for the perfect vintage accents to represent their love on the big day. From engagements to honeymoons to 50th anniversaries, we work with couples to find vintage treasures to celebrate their love.

Getting engaged

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. If your future wife is a vintage lover, then consider purchasing a vintage engagement ring or wedding set. Most of our vintage wedding sets range from the 1930’s to the 1970’s. And don’t worry about fit, we work with Zickfield’s Jewelers to have our rings resized.

Brooch Bouquets and Vintage Jewelry

Having something old and something new is a time honored tradition. A growing trend with our brides to incorporate both into a vintage brooch bouquet. Because brooches can range from $5 to $50, we offer a brooch bouquet registry that will let friends and family give brooches as part of your shower. As for putting your bouquet together, we can recommend a local florist to create one that is uniquely you.

Let’s not forget, vintage jewelry also looks beautiful on brides. We have the area’s widest selection of vintage jewelry and can work with local jewelers to convert it to fit your style.

Wedding Event Rentals

Do you need a fabulous crystal chandelier for your wedding canopy or a silver punch bowl for the reception? Whether the wedding of your dreams is country rustic, English manor glamour, to Art Deco chic, we take the footwork out of finding gorgeous vintage accouterments to make a wedding day special. The best part is that it is all for rent, which saves worry and money.

Wedding professional

Are you a photographer, wedding planner, or stylist looking for vintage props and d├ęcor for your clients? Then come see us. We work one-on-one with brides and wedding professionals alike.

If you would like to learn more about how Somewhere in Time Antiques can help with your vintage wedding, just call us at 573.335.9995 or send us an email.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Welcome Spring!

Spring Vintage table setting. Photo Turya Nations.
I am happy to say that spring has finally arrived! This is my favorite time of year. As temperatures heat up now is the time to tackle decorating your space, entertaining al fresco, and of course celebrate weddings. Now I am always on the lookout for inspiration on using antiques and vintage as accents of a gracious and affordable living. So in preparation for this spring, I found some wonderful tutorials from Southern Living Magazine. The first one I found was on using antique soup tureen to display spring greenery.  This is a great idea for a centerpiece for a dinner party, wedding shower or for a realtor staging a house.

Courtesy of Southern Living.

As Phoebe Howard says “you can use a range of antique and vintage containers” to fit your budget. In the past we've used vintage candy dishes, china tea cups, and pitchers as bases for floral centerpieces. Below is a vignette we created for a shower tea.

Shower Tea Table. Photo Turya Nations.
Are you looking for a little more inspiration? Then come in this month and check out all our beautiful antique containers. Don’t forget we offer vintage rentals and registries for your next event!

See more of what we have in store...

Friday, April 26, 2013

Vintage Chic: 1900-1929

Vintage Chic: 1900 to 1929
With the success of DowntonAbbey and the eagerly awaited premier of The Great Gatsby, early20th century period dramas continue to stoke our imaginations. Withour fast-paced lifestyles, it is comforting to see the elegance and grace ofthis by-gone era. It should be no surprise that Edwardian to Roaring 20’stylesare making their way into our wardrobes as well as our homes.  The most popular ways early 20thcentury style is shaping us today is via what we wear, how we entertain, andhow we get married.
What we wear:
The first twenty years of the 20th century were agreat time of change in fashion and jewelry. Edwardian fashions are the heightof romance and femininity. Delicate Edwardian brooches are now in demand asgifts for love ones and as adornment for brooch bouquets.  As clothing became simpler in the 1920’s,there was a need for more dramatic jewelry. Today’s long necklaces, chunkierbracelets and cuffs are echoing bold art nouveau and art deco lines.  Vintage filigree from this era is in demandright now as well.  
How we entertain:
Formal dining and entertaining is making a comeback in abig way.  As with today, American families wanted affordable luxury in the 1920s.  The post-World War I era brought prosperityfor the American middle class, as working people suddenly found that they couldaspire to owning their own homes and cars and creature comforts enjoyed by theelite. Dinner parties, once the province of the wealthy, became a popular formof home entertainment for American families. During this decade, industriesproducing dinnerware, silverware and glassware thrived, and women learned tobecome experienced hostesses -- thanks, in part, to a writer named Emily Post.
During this time, the European designinfluence on table wares was stronger than ever. The height of elegance was toown a set of French- or German-made china, in lavish floral patterns rimmed in 14kgold leaf. Patterns from Japan were popular as well, and many Americanhostesses owned at least one tea set made of Japanese lusterware, a type ofdelicate china with a lustrous, translucent glaze.
Glassware became a popular alternative tochina during the 1920s, as American companies such as Fostoria and IndianaGlass produced some of their most attractive place settings. Also popular werefan-shaped or square-shaped glass snack sets, which consisted of a smalldessert or appetizer plate indented in one corner to hold a matching glass orcup. Popular patterns included grape leaf and floral designs, as well as aknobby pattern known as "hobnail" glass. Fostoria's "American”,a pattern featuring heavily faceted cubes, was a particular bestseller duringthis Art Deco era of design.
Popular shows and movies like Agatha Christie’s Poirot and DowntownAbby have made it fun to elaborately set your table like an English manorhouse. And now there are many tutorials on Pinterest, blogs and magazines toeducate modern hostesses on the proper setting and usage of silverware and finechina. Since entertaining like a lord or lady requires an investment and amplestorage space, Somewhere in Time now offers a rental option for china,silverware, serving pieces, table adornments and even chandeliers.
How we get married:
When looking for that somethingold for their wedding modern brides and grooms are turning to early 20thCentury vintage. Popular items at my store are the vintage engagement rings andwedding bands. These dainty rings are frequently sources for designers of newrings. Another request that brides have are for vintage jewelry to wear ontheir big day. Grooms are also looking for Gatsby worthy bling as cufflinks aremaking a comeback!
Vintage inspiration is here to stay both for movie scriptsand ideas for everyday living. So as Hollywood continues to charm us with talesof bygone eras, there will be a demand for vintage of not only the first 20years of the last century, but from many different eras.

Monday, January 28, 2013

How to Add More Sparkle To Your Event!

Vintage chandeliers available for your special event at Somewhere in Time Antiques.
Image from

When I think romantic lighting, I think of chandeliers... Nothing more says love like the sparkle of the crystals and the twinkling light. That is why chandeliers continue to be a hot item for weddings and other special events. At our store we have many requests for chandeliers. To meet this growing trend, we are now have the option to rent or buy these vintages sparklers. If you are considering a chandelier for your wedding, garden party or Derby tent, here are a few things to consider:

1. The size of your chandelier should match the size of your event and location. If you are having more than 200 people, then go big. If you are having only 20 people, keep it small

2. Your chandelier should match the style of your event. If your are having a very formal wedding then definitely go for the bling. If you are having a small garden party then a more simple style will do.

3. Height is key. When hanging a chandelier make sure it is low enough to be in pictures, but high enough so people can easily walk underneath.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


antiques horse hound garden gun Christmas winter

lamb horse saddle

What's missing in the middle of these pictures?  YOU stopping by and shopping for gifts!  Our wish registry makes it easy to shop for special ones or for YOU!
Contact me for more information on how easy it is to set up a registry!

Our goal this year for the window display was a "horse and hound", winter lushness, warm English coziness but still extended "ole' South charm" to each and every individual that stops by our shop!  Inside we have added sparkle, Christmas nostalgia and color!  This would not have been possible without the help of my dear friend, Diane!  We worked into the late evening and woke up the next morning a little stiff from climbing in and out of that small window area!  Then she spent Thursday climbing a ladder adding prisms and beads to the lighting!!!  Thank you, Diane!

I hope you know we haven't forgotten Thanksgiving!  I have beautiful items to decorate your home for a vintage holiday.  There are also great Thanksgiving and Christmas postcards to add to your collection.  If you are looking for something special, just let me know!

Thanks for being interested in what I love!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Old South Meets English Cottage Coziness Holidays!

vintage Christmas depression-glass candlewick cake-stands piano-shawl milk-glass ruby-red forest-green

It's only the first of October! That's what we think until we count the weeks until Thanksgiving and then Christmas! At the shop, we are starting to pull out items that will lend the perfect ole' South charm & English cottage coziness to your holiday entertaining and decor.

If you are thinking of a traditional table setting at Christmas, we have beautiful clear glass and milk glass which could be accented with our red and green depression glass pieces.  You could set a Thanksgiving table with the forest green depression glass and add a few pieces of orange or brown glass.  What about just clear glass on a brilliantly colored tablecloth?  How about traditional milk glass with a beautiful Red Velvet cake crowning the top?  And how beautiful would a pink depression glass table setting be with accents of amethyst glass??  As you can see, the possibilities are endless. 

I publish a newsletter monthly and would love for you to be on the email list!  I decided this month to talk about holiday tableware in my blog as well as my newsletter to let everyone know that I am ready to help you entertain!

If you have questions or comments, please post them.  And Happy October!


Monday, September 17, 2012

Antiques and Scrapbooking!

vintage red scrapbookvintage sheet-music

You are probably wondering what my title was talking about!

Today's scrapbooking hobby and business continues to grow.  I brought in ALL the vintage sheet music I had stored and also found several unused vintage scrapbooks from the 40's.

When I took the pictures, stood back and looked at these two pictures, it became obvious that scrapbookers who also love vintage could create an AWESOME scrapbook integrate vintage items with new creativity!

The first thing you need to know is that messy pile of sheet music contains LOTS of beautiful graphics on the front page.  There are also a ton of pages of music that don't have their fronts SO those pages could be used for backgrounds, etc.  

Also think of the beautiful, colorful graphics framed and the pages of music as a backdrop for all kinds of projects!  I think this is a definite Pinterest project, don't you?????